It is not easy for us to stay in a boring office for seven to eight hours and even have to ponder problems. Therefore, the brain needs extra-nutrition to reduce some work pressure by eating snacks. When you feel sleepy, have a cup of blue mountain coffee with AB cheese corn cob of family Richbar.


Thick cheese coating, sweet crispy wafer stick and thick cheese filling with pure cheese taste and tempting corn flavor will bring you unique enjoyment of taste bud and provide motivation for your work!


Psychologists believe that the purpose of eating snacks is not only to meet the hunger, but also to relieve emotional tension and eliminate inner conflicts. When the lip touches, chews and swallows food, our nervous mood can be restrained in another excitatory area of the feeding center in the brain, which can transfer people’s tension and anxiety and then relax the whole mind and body.

学生消费忠诚度比较高,一旦确定零食目标,必然会全力支持 ,学生对新鲜事物的敏感性和拥护性比其它女性消费群体要快很多。

Consumer loyalty of students is higher. Once they confirm snacks target, they will definitely support it. Besides, sensitivity and advocacy to new things of students are faster than that of other female consumer group.


There are many different kinds and flavors for snack Richbar, which are the favorites for many children. When seeing children eat a lot of snacks, parents not only feel happy, but also worry about them. Nevertheless, as long as parents control the limit and then select top-quality products, which will promote children’s physical growth.